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Screw-on Medium


10 Medium Basic Jugs (Screw On)

Medium-sized holds that have a positive grip.


10 Medium Dripstone Jugs Set #1 (Screw On)

Unique rock-looking holds.


12 Medium Scoop Jugs (Screw-On)

12 comfy, medium sized scoop jugs.


12 Medium Divot Jugs (Screw-on)

Divots are your friend when walls get steep.


12 Scoop Mini Jugs (Screw-On)

12 mini jug size holds


6 Pack of ARCHED Obstacle Course Rails (Screw-On)

Easier or harder? You decide.


6 Pack of Rainbow Rails (Screw-On)

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?


Individual RAINBOW Rails ( Screw-on )

Individually sold lengths

From $21.10
Min: $33.00 Max: $166.00
$33 $166