20 Pack Sandstone

Perfect as a sampler pack of our extensive sandstone hold line.

21 Sandstone Steep Wall Feet

Highest profile foot holds in our line.

10 Sandstone Steep-Wall Crimps

This set of rock climbing holds for sale offers one full finger pad to two full finger pads of crimper edge.

11 Sandstone Crimps

This set of indoor climbing holds offers a ¾ of a finger pad to a full finger pad of crimper edge.

7 Sandstone Mini Jugs

While these holds are great as medium sized jugs on lower angles, they really offer an exciting twist the steeper the wall gets including roof sections.

13 Sandstone

Get the real rock experience with this intricately designed set of holds that look and feel just like sandstone outside.

10 Large Sandstone Jugs

These sandstone climbing holds work well on every angle. Their true calling lies on super steep terrain, including roofs.

5 XL Sandstone Roof Jugs

The sandstone design continues from the face of the hold through to the back so they feel realistic from all gripping positions.

Double Hander (Sandstone)

Two big mail slots.

5 XXL Two-Handed Sandstone Rails

When its time to go big, grab a set of these.