Removable Climbing Hold (STEEP WALL JUG) with Complete Bracket (One Hold Only With Key and Metal Baseplate Installed)

It meets ACCT/CPSI standards as the climbing hold does not overlap the base plate.


This listing is for the Steep Wall Jug model. 

You can trust the Atomik brand, as our climbing holds for this product have been machined not to overlap the baseplate. Building this product is a complicated process using climbing holds intentionally designed for the baseplate and key. We recommend you purchase this fully assembled version. 

If a climbing hold overlaps the baseplate, it will not meet commercial playground standards. Other products in the industry have their climbing holds overlapping the baseplate. 

Once the base plate is attached to your wall, no tools are required to remove and reinstall the hold assembly. A removable climbing hold is ideal when your wall is not in use, and you must prevent access to meet ACCT/CPSI standards. 

To install, screw the baseplate to the wall, insert the key/climbing hold into the top of the slot, and slide the climbing hold down to the bottom of the bracket. 

  • Plate dimensions are 4-3/4" at the widest x 6-1/2" tall.
  • One rock climbing hold and bracket assembly included. 
  • This product comes fully assembled and includes attachment screws.
  • Insert into the slot and slide down to lock in place.
  • Slide up and lift out of the slot for easy removal.
  • There are ten different designs, which are all jugs. 
  • The large base plate accommodates large holds and meets ASTM, ACCT, CPSI, and CSA standards.