Removable Climbing Hold Bracket ( one hold only )

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Comes completely built with one hold!
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    When you need to prevent access to meet ACCT Standards when your wall is not in use, a removable climbing hold is ideal. Simple install.  Once the base plate is attached initially to your wall, there are no tools required to remove and reinstall the holds. For our walls, we remove the holds into a bucket and store. Then when the wall needs to be used, out comes the bucket and we insert the hold into the upper slot and slide down into place. 

    • plate dimensions 4-3/4" at the widest x 6-1/2" tall
    • one rock climbing hold and bracket assembly included 
    • comes fully assembled and includes attachment screws 
    • insert into slot and slide down to lock in place
    • slide up and lift out of slot for easy removal
    • 8 different design which are all jugs 
    • large base plate to accomodate large holds and meet ASTM and CSA standards
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