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25 Kids Wall Pack #1 (Screw Ons)

Kids’ climbing wall holds with friendly shapes with just the right fit to create a wall for your child.


25 Kids Wall Pack #2 (Screw On)

Kids’ rock climbing holds with friendly shapes to create a wall for your child.


30 Pack (Screw Ons)

Small to medium holds with a variety of grips.


36 Pack Divots BFF (Screw On)

BFF stands for bare-feet friendly!


39 Pack BFF (Screw On)

BFF stands for bare feet friendly!


50 Pack (Screw On)

Look to the 50 Pack when you are looking for supplemental holds for your existing bouldering wall.


61 Pack BFF (Screw On)

BFF stands for Bare Feet Friendly!


66 Pack Dripstone Steep Wall (Screw On)

Positive grips for steep terrain.


100 Pack Classic (Screw On)

Grab your cordless drill with a Phillips ( star ) head bit and attach these holds super fast!


100 Pack Dripstone (Screw On)

Rock wall kit with 100 pieces of rock love.


Sensory Block Pack (Screw On)

Holds specifically made for sensory and physical therapy.

Min: $113.00 Max: $584.00
$113 $584