Product reviews for 5 XL Mudplate Crimps

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The "real" deal for your home woody
Let's face it, most climbing holds are just that.  Holds that you grab onto and "hold" in a very fixed and specific way.  I love these holds because they make me feel like I'm really "climbing" and not just "pulling on plastic".  They are huge and amazingly versatile.  By that, I mean like on real rock, the "hold" is not always obvious.  You have to kind of "feel around" to often get that "just right" finger placement.  These holds are like that.  They are about as close as you can get to creating a hold that simulates crimpy surface climbing.  What's even better is once you move above them, they become awesome foot smears.  Once again, Atomik has delivered a hold set that is a cut above the rest.
1/4/2020 7:53 AM
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Medium crimps that take up a lot of space
They have a cool look in the wall but are somewhat hard to set with when coming from a training standpoint.  A similar crimp can be obtained at 1/3 the size.
1/17/2020 5:30 PM
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Cool Crimps
Look cool on the wall, and more importantly are fun holds. Orientation options for pinching, side pulling, crimping, and matching. Recommend these over the XXL Mudplate Tile.
5/30/2020 11:09 PM
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I love how large these plates are. Large enough for two hands, and the varying depth and location of the incuts, allows for some very creative setting. Fun, super glad we bought them.
5/31/2020 3:32 PM
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