Product reviews for Grip Training Block (Set of 2)

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Everything most climbers will ever need in a hangboard.
I really like these blocks.  I purchased a pair in two years ago.  For over a year, they replaced by hangboard in its entirety.   Countless articles will tell you that most handboards come with too many superfluous pockets.   That takes up extra space and extra money.  Plus, most hangboard pockets can be tweaky.  A straight wide edge, like found on these blocks, allows the fingers to spread out in a more natural, less stressful, position.    The only thing I did not like is trying to use them as pinch blocks.  While I've sent 5.12 and V6, I still can pinch only 70-80% of bodyweight.    Without a counterweight/pulley system, there's no way I could support bodyweight pinching a pair of these.  I need either less weight, or a pinch block with more tapering (but isn't that cheating?).   A few edge of difference sizes, and a sloper, the blocks do the trick for everything else.
5/30/2020 12:42 AM
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Solid hang board foundation
These are the foundation of my hang board set-up. Compared to a traditional, all-in-one hang board, I prefer these because I can attach them either on a t-nut grid or using screws and select how far apart I want them. Mine are mounted just using a single bolt into a t-nut, and they stay put just fine. I sanded the lip of the smallest edge a bit, as it felt little sharp during max-weight hangs. I do sometimes find myself wishing for a slightly smaller edge, but I can always just add more weight!
7/18/2020 10:49 AM
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