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Very close to the real thing
These holds are NOT -- jugs, crimps, pockets or slopes.  All the holds are very nice, realistic feeling, mostly thick edges where the finger pad texture is fairly coarse like a good climbing granite.  I love these holds.  I have purchased (3) sets of this pack.  Here's why they're great.  They're not jugs which can get boring pretty quick.  They're not pockets which can be hard on the fingers.  They're not crimps which can be hard on the tendons and they're not slopers which can just be hard to hang on to :-)  They are really positive 1-2 finger pad holds.  A few of them even work as really good pinches.  They are a lot of fun to climb on and a must for any climbing wall.
11/22/2017 11:10 PM
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Like New England Granite
These holds have texture in the grip area that is a very real granite simulation. Solid grip for the  1-2 finger pads but you don't want to hang on them too long! Good intro to outdoors climbing "feel." The variety of angles allow creativity and by turning them you can use them as mini-slopers or, in some, difficult pinches. We generally use these on vertical to slight over-hangs.  They can easily be used for lower beginner grades as they are generally quite a positive grip. We are very happy with them and will be in future orders.
2/27/2020 11:24 AM
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Good Granite
Big, solid holds. Interesting surface cuts give a natural feel to your indoor wall. Varied shapes can be used as foot ledges, hand matches, awkward pinches, and palm presses.
5/30/2020 10:58 PM
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Nice edges with one excellent pinch
We've had these for several months now. Most of them are edges with a handy rock-like texture on the edge itself that really does feel much more like real rock than a typical indoor hold without being too rough on the fingers. One of them in particular though is this excellent pinch with sort of a funky angle to it (at least how we have it mounted). It's one of my favorite holds on the wall, as it's simultaneously comfortable and challenging. Some of the others could also work as pinches, which is typical Atomik, where nearly everything is just a rotation away from feeling like something completely new. I'd love a 5-pack of just granite pinches, we really enjoy these.
6/1/2020 11:52 AM
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"Make you think" type holds
I like that these holds are somewhat awkwardly shapped in that it does (on some level) mimic real rock.  If you set them at odd angles, they force you to pause and figure out how to best grip the hold--as opposed to obvious crimps or pockets.  This adds a bit of an unexpected quality to routes on my wall where I set routes for myself and it can get boring.  On a 27 degree wall, I would say they feel low 5.10 ish depending on orientation.  There are a few that make for nice pinches.  I like to down climb on them when training power endurance as they are positive enough to get to the start of the next 4x4, but not so easy as to let you rest (again on 27 degrees).
6/14/2020 2:29 PM
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Texture is spot-on
Simply amazing. Having only made my own holds from real rock, the texture of these is very close to the real thing. They have the advantage of being smaller than rocks that can be drilled (which tend to break), and the many color options are a huge plus. I haven't tried the UV flouro with a blacklight yet but am sure it will make for fun night sessions. The custom texture on each hold provides a ton of grip and isn't very skin friendly, making them a great training tool for outdoor climbing and skin conditioning . These would be great for beginners on a vertical wall, and challenging for more experienced climbers if set on an over hang or roof. I purchased these along with the XXL granite pinch, which makes an awesome addition for route setting. My only complaint is that there aren't more options in the Atomik granite family, would love to see every hold type with this rough texture especially some slopers, small crimps and a large boss or double-hander. Five stars, thanks Atomik!
10/21/2020 2:54 PM
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