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Amazing Deal
I just put up my first climbing wall and this was the initial set I purchased.  It covers almost every type of hold and the variety of sizes is perfectly balanced for foot and hand work.  I agree totally with the overview that these work perfectly for vertical walls to overhanging.  You can easily put every hold to use.  The price is right too at under $4/hold!!!
Paul V | 12/12/2016 8:48 PM
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Solid set for steep climbing
Just put these up on a home wall - mostly using the set on 40 degree and roof climbing, but have found quite a few of them super useful on my 12 degree wall. Only about half of the hand holds are really useful for moderately-aggressive roof climbing, but they do get the job done!
Noah S | 4/29/2020 9:55 AM
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Great for 45 Deg Home Wall
I jut built a 45 deg, 12' x 12' "quarantine" wall.  It has 342 t-nuts.  Currently, 75 of those holds are this steep set from Atomik.  About 150 more holds are from other Atomik sets, plus more from two other manufactures.  The 75 steep wall package is the core of my collection.  

These are basic the shapes: mid-sized slopers, pinches, finger buckets, crimps and multi-directional foot knob.   They are not super nuanced shapes that a comp setter might use where each hold forces the climber to grab it one intended way.  While the complex shapes are great for route setters with thousands of holds in their inventory, the 75 basic holds are best for a spray wall.  In a spray wall, each hold has to serve multiple purposes.  One minute it might be a left hand throw; the next minute the same hold might be a right hand gaston.  Specific shaped hols force specific/limited moves.   Having a lot of basic shapes allows for unless variation.  

I typically project around V6.  At 45 degrees, none of these holds are impossible to hold.  A another friend also built a 45 home wall during quarantine.  He ordered a different bulk package that, at 45 deg, resulted in too many impossible to hold slopers.  He now has a bunch of really expensive footholds.   I have not had that problem with this set.  

At 45 deg, don't expect V1 or much V2.   Placed closely together, expect a lot of V3 - V4 options.   Place the holds further apart and the sky is the limit. For more variety,  I have added other holds, especially (1) sloping crimps, (2) XL slopers, (3) feet that can be used only from a specific direction, and (4) pockets, to supplement the 75 steep set.
Daniel C | 5/29/2020 8:39 PM
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Great Starter Set
I ordered this set for a 35 degree home wall and found it to be a good variety of holds. My t-nuts are spaced at 8" with 4" offset, and the lowest grade I can set several routes of is V2-V3. If you don't warm up at that level or will have beginners on your wall at some point I'd suggest supplementing this set with some roof jugs
Matthew W | 6/23/2020 2:43 PM
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