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Product reviews for XXXL Dripstone Tufa

The Best Tufa
Nothing compares to this tufa.  Firstly, it is massive. But it doesn't suck up valuable space. The ever changing pinch width, ever varying incut or lack thereof, and the paws on both ends that allow endless hold possibilities, makes this a favorite hold.  It is constantly used.  If horizontal, it is a big ol' ledge with monster jug options.
2/7/2020 3:11 PM
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Hands down my FAVORITE hold
I have 200 pieces on my home wall, and this is without a doubt my favorite hold. This hold never gets boring. So many one and two-hand variations. The 2-bolt mount is extremely sturdy, no flexing. This hold is a work of art.
4/12/2020 10:51 PM
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Favorite hold on my wall
I loved this hold at the gym so I got it for my wall.  I have it mounted vertically on the 20 degree overhang on my wall.  If you hit it straight on as a pinch it's fairly difficult.  Rotated you get a positive edge so it's a little easier.  It's a good stemming piece as well as it's got some depth to it.  I like to create routes and mark it off where you can only use a portion of it to change the dynamic of the climb.  Changing the grip location by a few's a different hold.

Wall stats - 20 degree overhang top with vertical portion and 10 degree overhang below.
Climber stats - solid V5 to V6
6/19/2020 8:23 AM
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A Bridge Tufar?
Not possible.

If you're looking for a centrepiece hold this is what you need. This hold reminds me of endless tufa pulling in Thailand.

My wall has t-nuts every 8" with 4" offset and I have no trouble with orienting it in a variety of directions. When placed vertically it only obstructs the 2 nuts it's in, though you'd have to place a small hold in 1 of the nuts below/above.

The 2 bolt mounting system is rock solid. So much so that I'm going to build myself some volumes mounted with the Atomik Slider Washer. That being said, if you're okay with spinner screws I'd suggest getting 3 of the XXL Dripstone Tufa for just a little a few dollars more, as you'll get 48" of tufa pulling instead of this already massive 32"
6/23/2020 3:36 PM
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