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5 Medium Dripstone Pinches Pockets

Set your routes apart from run of the mill shapes and treat them to these tasty morsels.

10 Pack Joe's Pocket Screw-ons

Inspired by our local gemstone bouldering area Joe's Valley, these sandstone pockets are the ticket to add positive hold variety to your wall.

3 XL Yaniro Pocket Jugs

3 versions of 3 pocket fun.

Double Hander (Pocket)

Feels like aero bars on a time trial bike.

Yaniro System Mono Pockets #10 (Bolt On)

Set of 2 Yaniro Mono Pockets #10

3 Yaniro Finger Slots

1,2 and stacked 3 finger slots to dig in to.

3 Yaniro Mono Pockets

Be careful, very careful!

5 Divot Pockets

Always tendon friendly pockets here at Atomik.

6 Simple Pockets Set #1

The positive approach to pocket climbing.

7 Yaniro 2 Finger Pockets

Some of the very best 2 finger pockets ever designed.

6 Simple Pockets Set #2

The positive approach to pocket climbing.

5 Large Joe's Pockets

Inspired pocket designs by the sandstone boulders that line the hillsides of our very own Joe's Valley, Utah.

4 Large Pockets

This set is designed for tendon-friendly training.

7 Large Pockets

Have a ton of fun learning how to grab each one of these big holds on vertical to steep walls.

5 XL Pockets

For your super steep 45 degree wall, expect about V3+/5.10+ feeling holds. Great for hand matching!