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10 Medium Joe's Pockets (Screw-On)

Inspired by our local gemstone bouldering area Joe's Valley, these sandstone pockets are the ticket to add positive hold variety to your wall.


100 Pack Classic (Screw-On)

A wide variety of screw-on holds.


100 Pack Dripstone (Screw-On)

Rock wall kit with 100 pieces of rock love.


25 Pack Variety Golfus

Mini Slopers, edges, pinches, pockets, and jugs to fill in the gaps.


5 Golfus Pockets Set #1

Roomy two and three-finger pockets


5 Golfus Pockets Set #2

One and a half finger-pads deep.


5 Golfus Pockets Set #4

Three-finger pockets.


5 Medium Dripstone Pinches

Love the rock-like texture!


5 Medium Dripstone Pinches/Pockets

A variety set to add to your spray wall.


50 Pack (Screw-On)

  • • Good variety of shapes with an average size between super small to medium.
  • • Cost-effective due to the small average hold size.
  • • Good filler set to add to an existing wall.
  • Be aware that 20 of the holds in this pack are super small feet that require commercial climbing shoes to use and are not suited for a children's wall.

DOD 5 Golfus Pockets Set #4 - RANDOM COLORS

THIS DOD 5 Golfus Pockets Set #4 - RANDOM COLORS IS 60% OFF! Three-finger pockets.

$54.06 $21.62

Dry Tooling 10 Pockets (Screw-On)

Deep pick swallowing placements.