Products tagged with 'pinches'


5 Small Divot Pinches

V3 on vertical walls.


5 XL Golfus Pinches

Can you pinch this?!


5 XL Simple Pinches

They are a handful!


5 XXL Plated Golfus Pinches

High profile pinches.


9 Medium Basic Pinches (Screw-On)

3 widths, 3 incuts = Pinching Time!


Educational Pack

Labelled rock climbing training holds to be used as functional teaching aides.


Grip Pro Trainer

Grrrrrrip it!


Vertical Limit 90 Degrees (Bolt-On)

Bolt-on pinch training obstacle that is like the American Ninja Warrior Cliffhanger.


XXL Brain Coral Sloper Pinches (Set of 3 )

Just hope the terrain is vertical!


XXXL Neutral Golfus Pinch

Welcome to Pinch Town!