10 Small Divot Pinches

Tapered rock climbing pinches


5 Small Divot Pinches

V3 on vertical walls.


5 Small Simple Pinches

Turn your hands into hydraulic vise-grips when you pull onto these bubbly pinches of peril.


3 Medium Yaniro Pinches

Very unique pinches.


4 Yaniro Pinch Jugs

Meant for training, not for resting.


6 Medium Hang Board Sized Pinches

2" wide and 3" wide versions.


5 Medium Dripstone Pinches/Pockets

A variety set to add to your spray wall.


5 Medium Dripstone Pinches

Love the rock-like texture!


5 Variety Fontainebleau

As an introduction to font shapes, they are a great beginner to intermediate climber's dream on lower angles.


5 Medium Divot Pinches

Best suited for hard setting in steep terrain.


5 Medium Logo Holds SLOPERS/PINCHES

Sloper and pinch rock climbing holds


15 Angled Pinches

A variety of small, geometric pinches

Min: $26.00 Max: $259.00
$26 $259