5 Rock-like Granite Feet

Use as feet for all angles, or as interesting hand holds on less-steep walls.


10 Pack Granite

A variety of granite textured holds


5 Large Granite Edges

3/4" to 1-1/2" deep edges that are all incut.


XXL Granite Pinch

Incredible granite texture and multi-grip design that makes pinching fun. This climbing hold works on all angles and for all hand sizes.


5 Medium Edges Set #1 (Classic)

Incut and skin-friendly.


5 Medium Edges Set #2 (Smooth)

Comfortable crimps.


5 Medium Edges Set #3 (Crease)

Edges that you can dig into.


10 Medium Edges (Smooth)

Comfortable crimps.


10 Medium Edges (Crease)

Edges that you can dig into.


12 Patina Pinches/Edges/Dishes/Jugs

These climbing holds offer crazy thumb catches all over the place!


5 Large Patina Wrapper Jugs

Unique double-incut jugs.


12 Large Patina Wrapper Jugs

Great jugs in any terrain...even roofs.

Min: $32.00 Max: $243.00
$32 $243