OVERPOUR 12 Steep Wall Brain Coral Crimps

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Crimp rock climbing holds with brain coral texture
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    IMPORTANT NOTE! A part of our manufacturing process has extra resin each pour, and we need a place to put that resin rather than the garbage can, thus the randomness of colors offered in this sale. This product is NOT RETURNABLE. No additional discounts may be applied. Grade "A" quality and carries our Lifetime Warranty.  

    Our 12 Steep Wall Brain Coral Crimps is an excellent choice for steep walls. The lip of the incut is about 1/2" thick. The incut is quite steep, so no matter how steep your wall gets, they will still yield an incut. On a vertical wall through to about a 20-degree overhanging wall, they will feel like a V1 mini jug. On a 45 degree wall, the incut is still present, so expect a V3 feeling hold. Maybe even V2. On a wall that is 55 degrees overhanging, the incut is horizontal to the ground, which brings you into the V5/6 range. An excellent choice for steep walls as they perform as crimp an on all angles except for a roof section.

    • 4" wide x 3" tall x 1-1/8" off the wall.
    • V1 on vertical walls.
    • V3 on a 45-degree overhanging wall.




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