Omni Directional

Most holds in the climbing hold market are "directional" shapes, meaning one side of the hold is where the grip is, and the other side of the hold tapers to the wall with no grip. You can usually rotate a directionally-designed hold to make it more challenging to grip. 
The holds in the Omni Directional category are grips that offer multiple grip options in various directions. Rotating the hold reveals another intentionally shaped hold. We are designing this line so the home wall user can get as much variety in one shape as possible.

5 XL Basic Sloper Crimps (Series 2.0)

An omnidirectional shape where just a little rotation gets you that oh-so-nice feeling.



Pockets, pinches, edges, slopers.


XXL Granite Pinch

Incredible granite texture and multi-grip design that makes pinching fun. This climbing hold works on all angles and for all hand sizes.

Min: $67.00 Max: $142.00
$67 $142