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6 Pack of ARCHED Obstacle Course Rails (Screw-On)

Easier or harder? You decide.


Bar Hop Cradles (Set of 2)

Cradles to make your own Bar Hop obstacle!


Individual ARCHED Obstacle Course Rails (Screw-On)

Individually sold lengths

From $18.10

Lily Pads Obstacle (Kids Advanced)

An unstable "floating step" obstacle giving your little one a real ninja challenge!


Lily Pads Obstacle (Kids Intermediate)

Cute "floating step" lily pad obstacle giving your little one a ninja challenge!


Obstacle Course Rail (Jug) (Bolt-On)

  • • As seen on Ultimate Cliff Hanger!
  • • This hold requires a specific bolt pattern to be drilled for installation. This version is NOT intended for a climbing wall t-nut pattern.

Obstacle Course Rail (Jug) (Screw-On)

Screw on version of what is seen on American Ninja Warrior Ultimate Cliff Hanger!


Ring Toss Knob (Choose 1 or 5)

  • • Available in 39 colors.
  • • Wood/Resin rings are NOT included.
  • • Hardware is not included.
  • • Baseplate measures 4-1/4" OD.
  • • Knob measures 2-1/2".
  • • Shaft measures 1-1/2".
  • • Stands off the wall 5".
From $29.95

Ring Toss Peg

You supply the base plate, we supply the peg.


Single Bone (14")

Unique Ninja Warrior or Parkour training tool


Single Hanging Bowling Pin

Life size bowling pin for Ninja Warrior and parkour training


Two-Footed Balance Trainer (Advanced Model)

This dynamic and unstable exercise device provides a challenging obstacle and workout with a variety of different applications.