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6 Pack of ARCHED Obstacle Course Rails (Screw-On)

Easier or harder? You decide.


Balance Dome (Rubber Floor Model) (One Only)

Mobile tricking device with a rubber shell and bottom for safety. The carabiner is for size reference only and is 4 inches across. Does not come with Carabiner.


Bar Hop Cradles (Set of 2)

Cradles to make your own Bar Hop obstacle!


Individual ARCHED Obstacle Course Rails (Screw-On)

Individually sold lengths

From $18.10

Lily Pads Obstacle (Kids Advanced)

An unstable "floating step" obstacle giving your little one a real ninja challenge!


Lily Pads Obstacle (Kids Intermediate)

Cute "floating step" lily pad obstacle giving your little one a ninja challenge!


Obstacle Course Rail (Jug) (Bolt-On)

As seen on Ultimate Cliff Hanger!


Obstacle Course Rail (Jug) (Screw-On)

Screw on version of what is seen on American Ninja Warrior Ultimate Cliff Hanger!


Ring Toss Knob (Choose 1 or 5)

Create your own Ring Toss Obstacle!


Ring Toss Peg

You supply the base plate, we supply the peg.


Single Bone (14")

Unique Ninja Warrior or Parkour training tool