Oak Peg Board Pegs (Set of 2) Included

Solid Oak Climbing Pegs Included with the 10 pack of PBRs



  •       2 Oak Pegs



This set of 2 oak pegs are larger than the standard ones you may find in the industry. You should not choose this product if you are using any other company's pre-made boards.

If you are building your own pegboard, the hole you should drill is a 1-5/16" Forstner hole. The hole needs to be exactly 1-5/16" to accept this 1-1/4" peg.

Because this is a wood product, slight variations in the size of 1/16" may occur.

These wooden peg pegs match our Peg Board Receivers


COLOR: Natural Oak Wood Color

TEXTURE: Natural wood

ORIGIN: Made in the USA

SIZE: 1-1/4" diameter x 7" long

WARRANTY: 1 year