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Ninja Warrior

Take your traditional grip strength and balance training to the next dimension with our ninja warrior training equipment! Browse a collection Atomik’s ninja equipment and rock climbing training holds that have been featured on NBC's American Ninja Warrior to test the very strongest in the country! Not a Ninja yet looking to crush that nagging project you left at the crag last year? Contact us to help you design your ninja warrior training ground so that your projects stay up at night fearing your arrival.

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Set of 2 Horizontal Pipe Bombs (3.5")

Dynamic training tool for a better pull-up and forearm strength development


Hanging Vertical Limit 90 degrees

Hanging pinch training obstacle that is like the American Ninja Warrior Cliffhanger, only a lot harder.


Hanging Vertical Limit Ergo

Ergonomic hanging pinch obstacle that is like the Cliff Hanger, but a lot harder.


The Ninja Book

The Ninja Book hanging climbing hold makes a great pinch obstacle.


Single UFO (16" disk)

UFO pull up disks as seen on NBC's American Ninja Warrior Area 51!


Single XL Nunchuck

Add an aiming challenge to your lache!


Single XL Tri-Missile

Room for two hands!


Single XXL Missile

Harder than you think.


Single XXL V Wing

Great for Ninja Warrior and parkour training


XXXL Rubber Hanging Ninja Star

Like Wing Nut on a Gimble.


1.5 Inch Compact Ring (One Ring Only) (24 inch sling optional)

Next level gymnastics rings. This product is poured to order.


Single Bowling Pin Bomb

Life size bowling pin for Ninja Warrior and parkour training

Min: $15.00 Max: $450.00
$15 $450