Products tagged with 'ninja hold'


12" Flat Hoop (HDPE)

12" diameter flat-faced hoop.

From $99.73

2" Spinning Trapeze (One Unit)

Ninja Warrior and parkour hanging obstacle


4 Point Ninja Star (HDPE)

A weapon for your war on gravity.

From $103.05

5 Point Star (HDPE)

A classic shape.


Advanced Ninja Star (Screw-On)

This Advanced Ninja Star rock wall hold is a sloper.


Anchor (HDPE)

Designed for big lache moves.


Child Slot Handle (HDPE)

3-1/2" wide landing area.


Hanging Vertical Limit 90 degrees

Hanging pinch training obstacle that is like the American Ninja Warrior Cliffhanger, only a lot harder.


Hanging Vertical Limit Ergo

Ergonomic hanging pinch obstacle that is like the Cliff Hanger, but a lot harder.


Intermediate Ninja Star (Screw-On)

This Intermediate Ninja Star is a version of Cliffhanger in a big way!


Monkey Face (HDPE)

Monkey offers a 5" landing area.


Mustache (HDPE)

I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later!