Products tagged with 'ninja hanging'


2.75" Vertical Pipe Bombs (Set of 2)

Intermediate level pinch strength training tool


3.5" Horizontal Pipe Bombs (Set of 2)

Dynamic training tool for a better pull-up and forearm strength development


3.5" I Scream Cones (Set of 2)

Sloper training on top, pinch on the bottom


4.5" Large Bombs (Set of 2)

Great for open-handed/sloper pull-ups


6" XL Bombs (Set of 2)

Serious sloper training


Egg Bombs (Set of 2)

Ergonomic, versatile pinch device


Hanging Vertical Limit Ergo

Ergonomic hanging pinch obstacle that is like the Cliff Hanger, but a lot harder.


Missiles (Set of 2)

Beginner training for pinch strength. As seen on NBC's American Ninja Warrior Power Tower!


Ninja Ceiling Panel (20" x 54")

Great for hanging products off of your ceiling.


Single Bone (14")

Unique Ninja Warrior or Parkour training tool