Ninja Ceiling Panel ( 20" x 54" )

Great for hanging products off of your ceiling.
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    When you want to challenge yourself during climbing and ninja warrior training, this ceiling climbing wall is a great option! 

    Rock Climbing System Specifications:

    • 20" tall x 54" wide x 1.5" thick
    • 3/4" Furniture Grade Plywood (unfinished) mounted on 3/4" furring strips
    • 14 Industrial Grade T-nuts installed
    • Comes with 26 x 5" Torx screws for installing the panel.
    • Rough-sanded finish to decrease spinning of holds 
    • ***You will need to drill your own 1/4" mounting holes, so the board is attached to at least two ceiling joists with a minimum of 10 screws per joist into a structural material such as a joist or a beam
    • Panel only. Hanging products are not included. 


    Installation Steps

    • Locate the joists
    • Center Panel on at least two ceiling joists
    • Drill a minimum of 10 x 3/16" pilot holes on the panel
    • Attach the panel to the ceiling with at a minimum of 3" embedment into structural material. That means 1-1/2" (panel thickness) + 1/2" (drywall) + 3" (embedment) = 5" screw. We will send 26 x 5" Torx head screws.
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