Add square footage to your wall!


Small climbing hold volumes like this add wide variety to steep walls in an inexpensive way. They are versatile and low-profile, making them an excellent choice for a home wall. It's common not to have hard crimps and other small holds on steep walls, but when you add a volume like this, they offer less aggressive angles where you can attach a foothold or a crimp. The four areas to attach holds is 4", so expect all small grips to fit and only some medium holds. This Triangle model does offer more room for a hold to work compared to the Mini Quadrilateral. 

Please do not drill spinner screw holes or any other holes into Polyurethane Volumes. You can weaken the structural integrity of the product. This practice also voids our warranty.

  • Adds square footage to your wall. 
  • Eases up aggressive steep walls. 
  • Base Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 9"
  • Stands off wall: 3-1/2"