Metal Resin Dry Tooling Holds

In searching for the perfect resin for dry tooling, it turns out there is not one. However, our Metal Resin comes very close. Compared to sport climbing gym holds with a durometer hardness of approximately 70D, our Dry Tooling Metal Resin tests at an extremely hard 90D! This produces a hard resin that even the sharpest picks skate on the surface. Since only specific designs require this performance feature, we have limited which sets we offer. 

The downside of this resin is that with hardness comes brittleness. This means that once the hold is on your wall, you will have no issues, but if you throw the hold into a bucket of other holds, as often done in a commercial setting, you can chip the base edges. 

Picture of Metal Resin 5 Shallow Dishes
Picture of Metal Resin 5 Variety Dishes
Picture of Metal Resin 5 Pack Sneak Attack