Metal Dry Tooling Holds

Atomik wants the Dry Tooling community to know that Andrey from Krukonogi-Ti has authorized Atomik to copy any of his shapes. No other company in North America has made this agreement. Atomik has and always will conduct itself ethically. 

There is a difference between the Atomik brand and the Krukonogi-Ti brand. The main difference is that the Krukonogi-Ti Coins test at 60 HRC while Atomik's Ball designs test at 35 HRC. The tools you use are in the 60 HRC range. 1061 Aluminum is a substantially softer metal than stainless steel.  

This Stainless Steel welded product line is manufactured in-house in Provo, Utah, at Atomik. All of the pieces have been custom-machined specifically for dry tooling purposes. 

Atomik products come with a Lifetime Warranty.