Metal Dry Tooling 5 x 3/4" Balls Right Hand Progression Bracket

The most versatile hold in the 3/4" ball size.


Each of the 3/4" balls descends deeper into the plate from one to the next. The tallest 3/4" ball stands 7/8" off the wall, and the lowest stands 3/4" off the wall. This creates slightly harder-to-hold pick placements from one to the next. 

Our curved design, which we call "brackets," offers the route setter to choose placements on the inside/concave side of the bracket as well as the outside/convex side of the bracket. 

This is a challenging hold to hook on and is only recommended for beginners on low-angled walls or volumes, as it requires intentional pick placement. 

This "Right Bracket" has the tallest of the 3/4" balls on the bottom, with the remaining balls being more inset into the plate in a counterclockwise direction. 

This is the most versatile hold when relating to a single 3/4" ball as you can still hook on the tallest one as you would if it were just a single ball, plus the numerous options the bracket shape offers. This is a must-have hold for home wall training. 

Size: 3/4" ball 

Stands off the wall: 7/8"

Backplate: 4" x 6" Oval

Material:  Stainless steel

Hardness Comparison: View Chart and Descriptions

Warranty:  Lifetime 

RESPONSIBILITY: Please be aware that it is unacceptable to drytool at your local crag. Drytooling damages natural rock. You should drytool only in places where the local community has dedicated the area and never on established rock climbing routes. 

DRY TOOLING ETHICS: What You Should Know before heading out.