Metal Dry Tooling 3/4" x 2" Bridge (13/64" Holes)

The largest hole that is offered on a bridge.


Big moves off of big holes are found on this minimalist bridge. The holes are 13/64" in diameter, which is the largest offered. You get maximum pick penetration for the tip of your pick though it does not go entirely through the 1/4" thick bridge. 

This is a great hold to teach accurate tool placement, as the hole size offers stability while being forgiving when moving past the hold. 

The bridge is attached perpendicular to the backplate. 

Size: 3 x 13/64" holes 

Stands off the wall: 15/16"

Backplate: 3" x 5" Oval

Bridge Orientation: 0 degrees/Perpendicular to the back plate 

Material:  Stainless steel

Hardness Comparison: View Chart and Descriptions

Warranty:  Lifetime 

RESPONSIBILITY: Please be aware that it is unacceptable to drytool at your local crag. Drytooling damages natural rock. You should drytool only in places where the local community has dedicated the area and never on established rock climbing routes. 

DRY TOOLING ETHICS: What You Should Know before heading out.