5 Medium Hueco Incuts/Edges (Screw On)

Grab inside for a pocket-like feel. Outside for a sloper feel.

5 Medium Rails (Screw On)

This selection will give you the rails, that come from the 50 pack.

5 Medium Scoops (Screw On) ( BFF )

Bare Foot Friendly screw on feet

9 Medium Basic Pinches (Screw On)

3 widths, 3 incuts = Pinching Time!

10 Pack Incuts (Screw On)

Small holds for little hands.

10 Medium Joe's Pockets (Screw On)

Inspired by our local gemstone bouldering area Joe's Valley, these sandstone pockets are the ticket to add positive hold variety to your wall.

10 Medium Basic Jug (Screw On)

Super Comfortable Jug Climbing Holds.

12 Scoop mini jugs (Screw On)

12 mini jug size holds

12 medium scoop jugs (Screw On)

12 comfy, medium sized scoop jugs.

12 Medium Divot Jugs (Screw-on)

Divots are your friend when walls get steep.