Large Ring 1" ( 3D )

A rock climbing ring with a spinner screw which has a smooth 3D printed texture.
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    • This large rock climbing hold is 3/8" taller than our original down climb ring
    • Has a washered 1/4" spinner screw. Though many think you can just drill your own spinner screws into holds, they would be wrong in terms of warranty and safety. When tooled incorrectly, you will often put cracks in the hold. The 3D version of our rock climbing rings solves that issue as we have poured it in place. 
    • The smooth 3D printed texture on these rock wall holds is skin-friendly.
    • A very easy to grab handlebar-like climbing ring on any angle of wall including roof sections. 
    • You can expect to fit a child's whole hand around the bar of this climbing wall grip.
    • For an adult sized hand, 3 to 4 full fingers can be expected. 
    • Our large rock climbing holds are the #1 choice of many gyms around the world where they set lines of them to be used as down climb holds. Just sent your best problem and now you must hang drop over a full body length to the mats? Set some rings in that area and you'll be able to down climb to a much safer height to drop down.