Products tagged with 'large'


12 Large Divot Jugs (Screw-On)

Divots are your friend when walls get steep.


3 Sloper Domes (Screw-On)

No incut, all sloper.


5 Large Basic Pinches Set #2 (Screw-On)

Neutral pinches that force you to squeeze.


5 Large Dripstone Pinches Set #1 (Screw-On)

Amazing, realistic pinches.


5 Large Dripstone Pinches Set #2 (Screw-On)

Great vertical intro to awesome steep wall pinches.


5 Large Steep Wall Dripstone Slopers (Screw-On)

The more incut version of the 2 large Dripstone sets.


61 Pack BFF (Screw-On)

BFF stands for Bare Feet Friendly!


Large Candy Cane

Festive pinch climbing hold fun!