Novelty (Screw-On)


5 Small Heart Feet (Screw-On)

These festive, screw-on, heart-shaped feet will add a bit of holiday flavor to any wall.


5 Medium Hearts (Screw-On)

Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.


5 Heart Mini Jugs (Screw-On)

Set your Sweetheart a boulder problem for Valentine's Day!


Climber Girl

Girls rule, boys drool!


Climber Boy

Lots of ideas to use the Climber dude. Read on...


7 Fruits (Screw-On)

Life size.


Medium Sized Letter Shaped Alphabet ABC Climbing Holds (Screw-On)

Scroll down to purchase individually or as a full set

From $24.01

XL Alphabet ABCs (Screw-On)

Giant sized screw on alphabet letters that are so fun to climb on that your kids will never get off the wall.

From $51.22

XL 4 Leaf Clover (Screw-On)

You won't need any luck hanging on to this two handed clover climbing hold.


XL Panda (Screw-On)

Hand painted panda climbing hold


5 Dinosaur Feet (Screw-On)

Prehistoric footholds

Min: $24.00 Max: $842.00
$24 $842