Kids/Novelty (Screw on)

5 Small Heart Feet (Screw On)

These festive, screw-on, heart-shaped feet will add a bit of holiday flavor to any wall.

5 Medium Hearts (Screw On)

Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.

5 Heart Mini Jugs (Screw On)

Set your Sweetheart a boulder problem for Valentine's Day!

5 Medium Scoops (Screw On) ( BFF )

Bare Foot Friendly screw on feet

Climber Girl

Chicks Rule!

Climber dude

Lots of ideas to use the Climber dude. Read on...

Medium Alphabet ABC Letters (Screw On)

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From $10.99

XL 4 Leaf Clover ( Screw On )

You won't need any luck hanging on to this two handed clover climbing hold.

XL Panda (Screw On)

Hand painted panda climbing hold

5 Pack Dinosaurs ( Screw On )


Stegosaurus (Screw On)

You can grab his head or on the bony plates. Sorry, we couldn't fit all 17 on him but he sure is fun to climb on.

T-Rex (Screw On)

Because kids love dinosaurs!

Brontosaurus (Screw On)

Pinch his neck, grab the head or even his back and don't forget the tail! Lots to play on.

Triceratops (Screw On)

There is a jug on his back and if rotated, you can grab an edge on his armored head.

XL Numbers ( Screw on )

Averaging 6 inches tall, 5 inches wide and extending 2 inches from the wall, our bolt-on set of Number rock wall holds is the largest, most positive collection on the planet. Kids or adults can easily get both hands on most of the rock climbing wall holds.   Numbers 0 through 9 available.
From $28.11

4 Sensory Blocks (Screw On)

Fun shaped blocks.

Sensory Block Pack (Screw On)

Holds specifically made for sensory and physical therapy.

XL Alphabet ABCs (Screw On)

Giant sized screw on alphabet letters that are so fun to climb on that your kids will never get off the wall.
From $26.50

8 Dinosaur Feet (Screw On)

Prehistoric footholds