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24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

A premium set of climbing holds that are ideal for small walls and play structures.


Educational Pack

Labelled rock climbing training holds to be used as functional teaching aides.


Educational "9-Inch Sloper"

Learn just what sloper means and how to hang on them.


Educational "Crimp"

Single educational hold: crimp


Educational "Edge"

Same as a crimp but bigger and flatter.


Educational "Gastons"

Climbing history is found in this uniquely named type of hold.


Educational "Jug"

JUG = big easy hold


Educational "Pinch"

A name everyone understands.


Educational "Pocket"

Demonstrates sticking your fingers into the climbing hold.


Educational "Sidepulls"

Pull sideways instead of straight down.


Educational "Undercling"

Learn just what "undercling" means and how to move past one.


Large Tooth

A great gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Min: $6.00 Max: $534.00
$6 $534