Children’s Climbing Holds

Hey, climbing families and educators! Are you ready to spark some vertical adventures? Atomik Climbing Holds presents our top-of-the-line children's climbing holds designed just for the eager little climbers in your life.

We're all about making climbing a blast and safe for kids. Our children’s rock climbing holds are anything but dull—we offer all kinds of novelty holds that kids love, from animals to sports to food and more. We even have kids climbing holds for the alphabet and numbers, so your kids can learn while they climb!

We create our children's climbing hand holds with the same dedication to quality and care that we do for all our holds, as we use high-quality materials that guarantee durability. We know kids can be impatient, so our guaranteed fast turnaround time means you won’t be stuck waiting for weeks or months for your holds. Outfit your wall with children’s climbing holds and inspire them with a love for indoor climbing today!