Kids/Novelty ( Bolt on )


24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

A premium set of climbing holds that are ideal for small walls and play structures.

Educational Pack

Labelled rock climbing training holds to be used as functional teaching aides.

Educational "9-Inch Sloper"

Learn just what sloper means and how to hang on them.

Educational "Crimp"

Single educational hold: crimp

Educational "Edge"

Same as a crimp but bigger and flatter.

Educational "Gastons"

Climbing history is found in this uniquely named type of hold.

Educational "Jug"

JUG = big easy hold

Educational "Pinch"

A name everyone understands.

Educational "Pocket"

Demonstrates sticking your fingers into the climbing hold.

Educational "Sidepulls"

Pull sideways instead of straight down.

Educational "Undercling"

Learn just what "undercling" means and how to move past one.

Large Tooth

A great gift from the Tooth Fairy.

Mr. Stinky


Pizza Slice

May I take your order please?

Medium Clover

Lucky mini jug.

Large Apple

An apple a day keeps the climbing wall boredom away!

Support Ribbon

100% of the money you pay for this hold gets donated to the fight against cancer.

Airplane (Bolt-on)

Child-friendly jug.

Bulldozer (Bolt-on)

This Bulldozer climbing hold will have your little ones moving all over your climbing wall.

Cement Mixer (Bolt-on)

Hear that rumble? This Cement Mixer is coming to bring fun climbing to your child's wall.

Dump Truck (Bolt-on)

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's the motor sound you just made and your child is sure to make the same.

Excavator (Bolt-on)

This Excavator Jug is sure to get your kids moving all over the wall.

Sailboat (Bolt-on)

Child-friendly grip.

School Bus (Bolt-on)

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

Skidsteer (Bolt-on)

This Skidsteer climbing hold will have your little ones moving all over your climbing wall.


Pinch or ledge, Frank is scary.

Large Candy Cane

Festive pinch climbing hold fun!

5 Small Heart Feet (Bolt on)

These festive, heart-shaped feet will add a bit of holiday flavor to any wall.

5 Heart Mini Jugs (Bolt on)

Set your Sweetheart a boulder problem for Valentine's Day!

3 Pack Leaves

Aspen, Birch, and Poplar Leaves

5 Pack Garden Flora

Climbing holds for kids or are they?

5 Pack Leaves

Maple, Oak, Poplar, Birch, and Aspen Leaf Jugs.

Large Mushroom

A fun and friendly shape for all climbers.

Large Acorn

Advanced hand techniques on a kid's hold?

Aspen Leaf

Aspen Leaf Jug

Birch Leaf

Birch Leaf Jug

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Jug

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf Jug

Poplar Leaf

Poplar Leaf Jug

Medium Bolt On Alphabet ABC Set ( letter shaped holds )

These medium alphabet climbing holds are designed for small hands. You're sure to love this full set of kids bolt-on climbing holds.

10 Pack School Set

Children’s climbing holds with fun shapes to challenge even the brightest of minds in class!

Steve the Snake

Chunky jug on Steve's head.


Fun climbing hold for children


A friendly farm animal for your little one.

Large Tree Frog


Large Dragonfly

Zippity Doooo! A favorite creature to add to any wall.

Large Spider

8 legs and one nice jug


Gobble, Gobble!


Large size children's hold.

Blue Jay

Medium size children's hold.


What sound does a snail make?


A great hold to increase a child's hand strength while still having fun.


Duck goes "Quack"


2 handed jug!


Cat goes "Meow"



Medium Lady Bug

A comfy medium sized jug.

Doug the Dog

Doug goes woof!

Ollie the Octopus

Ollie has a nice rounded head.


Every kid loves turtles.


An ocean of fun.


This stealthy predator makes an excellent addition to any wall.


What does the Fox say?


Holy Bat Jug Batman!


This king of the jungle makes for a comfortable jug for anyone looking to spice up their wall.

5 Pack Birds

Who's got bird shaped jugs? Get it? Whooooo, whooo?

5 Farm Animals (Bolt-on)

Fun, animal shaped jugs and slopers

5 Pack Construction Vehicles (Bolt-on)

Big jugs abound in this full set of construction vehicles.

5 Pack Robots (Bolt-on)

Meep Morp. Your kids will love this 5 pack of Robots!
$148.99 $104.64

5 Pack Transportation Vehicles (Bolt-on)

Fun shaped holds that are easy for a child to hold on.

3 Polar Animals

Polar bear, seal and penguin.

3 Pack Tropical Creatures

These big friendly holds are sure to make your kids have fun on your wall.

5 Pack Garden Creatures

Easy to grab on to fun shapes.

5 Safari Animals

Beginner rock climbing jugs

5 Lucky Charms

You don't need any luck to climb on these hand friendly shapes.

5 Pack Halloween

Scary slopers, ledges, and pinch holds!

5 Pack Hearts

Functional novelty holds? It's true!

5 XL Hearts

Steep wall slopers

5 Pack Dental

Some of our largest kid's shapes.

Sensory Block Pack (Bolt On)

Holds made specifically for sensory and physical therapy.

4 Sensory Blocks (Bolt On)

Fun shaped rock climbing blocks.

1 One Knob Block

Fun shaped block.

1 Two Knob Block

Fun shaped block.

12 Medium Emoji Jugs

#emojiclimbingholds :)

24 Divots (Bolt On)

24 positive divot holds with a spinner screw.

22 Pack

This pack is full of small jugs and big feet!

24 Kids Pack

Specific kids’ climbing wall holds chosen with your child in mind.

Double Hander Emoji Jug

An Emoji climbing hold with lots of room to have fun on!

5 Pack Dinosaurs

Roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! These novelty climbing holds are sure to make wall paths more enjoyable for your younger climbers.


Pinch his neck, grab the head or even his back and don't forget the tail! Lots to play on.


You can grab his head or on the bony plates. Sorry, we couldn't fit all 17 on him but he sure is fun to climb on.


Tyrant lizard king

XL Triceratops

There is a jug on his back and if rotated, you can grab an edge on his armored head.

XL 4 Leaf Clover ( Bolt On )

You won't need any luck hanging on to this two handed clover climbing hold.

XL Panda (Bolt on)

Hand painted with an ample jug behind Panda's head.

XL Unicorn

They do EXIST!!!

XL Clown Fish

With a large jug behind his head and a mini jug behind the tail, this guy not only looks cute but is easy to hold on to.

XL Alphabet ABCs (Bolt On)

If "C" is for cookie, the Cookie Monster is going to be awfully full if he tries to eat the alphabet climbing holds!

XL Bananas

Feed your inner monkey!

XL Numbers ( Bolt on )

6 inch tall number rock climbing holds for big results.

XL Shark

A playful addition for children to play on. A killer climbing hold on steep walls!

XL Giraffe

Extra jugs for an extra large giraffe.

XL Mummy

Sloper head, ledge chin rock climbing wall hold.

XL Skull

Sloper head, ledge chin.

XXL Candy Cane

Festive pinch hold fun!

XXL Dice

How mean would it be to fill in the spots?

XXL Present

Can't find that special present for the climber in your life?

XXL Present (Slant)

A slanted version of that special present for the climber in your life.

XXL Soccer Ball

Full on sloper climbing hold.

XXL Basketball

Slam dunk sloper fun!

XXL Football

Life sized football climbing hold.

XXL Heart Sloper

Sloper cobbles.Flip it over and get a really wide slopey pinch.

XXL Heart Jug

Great hold for steep walls!

XXL Smile

A big hold that will make the kids smile.

6 Sport Balls

Life-sized sport ball climbing holds.

XL Christmas Tree

Extra large Christmas rock climbing hold with lots and lots of edgy pinches

XXL Pumpkin

It doesn't have to be Halloween to enjoy this hold.

XXL Snowman

It's Pumpy the Snowman!

Pumpkin Jack

Huge sloper with some cool "catches" on the detail.

XXXL Pumpkin Jug

Double hander jug and then some.

XXXL Pumpkin Sloper

Vertical wall sloper

XXXL The Great Pumpkin

Gigantic feature.
$421.60 $408.16

XL Star

This XL Star will have you climbing into outer space!

Atomik Ladder Rung

This Ladder Rung is a great way to get beginners moving vertically.

XXL Full Moon (Single)

This XXL Full Moon is a sloper with a variety of hand placements. Set this on a 45 degree wall for a V6 feel if you're a true LUNAtic.

XXL Banana Jug

This banana wants you to be happy. Look, it's smiling at you!