Products tagged with 'kid climbing hold'


10 Pack School Set

Children’s climbing holds with fun shapes to challenge even the brightest of minds in class!


25 Kids Wall Pack #1 (Screw-On)

Kids’ climbing wall holds with friendly shapes with just the right fit to create a wall for your child.


25 Kids Wall Pack #2 (Screw-On)

Kids’ rock climbing holds with friendly shapes to create a wall for your child.


25 Kids Wall Pack #3 (Screw-On)

Tennis-shoe friendly!


5 Farm Animals (Screw-On)

Fun, animal shaped jugs and slopers


5 Lucky Charms

You don't need any luck to climb on these hand friendly shapes.


5 Pack Robots (Bolt-On)

Meep Morp. Your kids will love this 5 pack of Robots!


5 Pack Transportation Vehicles (Screw-On)

Fun shaped holds that are easy for a child to hold on.


5 Pack XL Dinosaurs (Screw-On)



Airplane (Screw-On)

Child-friendly hold.


Bulldozer (Bolt-On)

This Bulldozer climbing hold will have your little ones moving all over your climbing wall.


Cement Mixer (Bolt-On)

Hear that rumble? This Cement Mixer is coming to bring fun climbing to your child's wall.