12 Scoop Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.

12 Round Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.

12 Straight Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.

7 Sandstone Mini Jugs

While these holds are great as medium sized jugs on lower angles, they really offer an exciting twist the steeper the wall gets including roof sections.

7 Font Mini Jugs

Super incut for steep wall climbing and as easy kid-friendly climbing holds on vertical walls, this set is an excellent choice when looking for a positive feeling hold.

5 Mini Font Roof Jugs

This size of climbing hold feels really big to a small child's hand and big enough for an adult as a finger bucket.

11 Mini Jugs

These beautiful rock climbing holds for sale work on every angle!

15 Flat Faced Mini Jugs

Comfortable mini jugs.

12 medium scoop jugs

12 comfy, medium sized scoop jugs.

12 Medium Dripstone Jugs

Slightly incut comfortable jugs.

12 Medium Basic Jugs

Super comfortable jugs in less steep terrain; positive power endurance holds in steep.

12 Medium Hedron Jugs

Surprisingly comfortable!

12 Medium Font Jugs

Mini Jugs for Steep Terrain

12 Medium Divot Jugs

Let your fingers do the walking and your thumbs do the talking!

12 Medium Simple Jugs

It doesn't take much to convince anyone to buy this awesome set!

12 Medium Double Incut Roof Jugs

Perfect for steep walls.

5 Medium Dripstone Jugs

Contoured and friendly.

12 Large Scoop Jugs

12 large, comfortable scoop jugs

12 Large Scoop Jugs (Screw On)

12 large, comfortable scoop jugs

12 Large Font Jugs

Natural feeling jugs.

12 Large Basic Jugs

Super comfortable jugs.

12 Large Patina Wrapper Jugs

Great jugs in any terrain...even roofs.

12 Large Limestone Jugs

Cool looking and comfortable jugs.

12 Large Double Incut Roof Jugs

Perfect for steep walls.

12 Large Simple Jugs

Round and comfy.

12 Large Divot Jugs

Divots are your friend when walls get steep.

12 Large Classic Jugs

Classic single hand jugs to add variety to your wall.

10 Large Sandstone Jugs

These sandstone climbing holds work well on every angle. Their true calling lies on super steep terrain, including roofs.

7 Large Pockets

Have a ton of fun learning how to grab each one of these big holds on vertical to steep walls.

6 Large Font Jugs

These holds are sure to be chosen first out of the box of holds to set with as they are the epitome of jug design being versatile on all angles.

5 Large Font Jugs

Clever shaping for interesting climbing.

7 Large Simple Jugs

When you grab on to these holds, you might just say, "Oh that feels nice".

5 Large Golfus Jugs

Comfy Super Jugs

Large Ring 1" ( 3D )

A rock climbing ring with a spinner screw.

Large Ring 1" ( Down Climb )

Best selling roof and down climbing hold.

5 XL Scoops ( Jugs Set #2 )

Tongue-like incut.

5 XL Double Incut Roof Jugs Set #3

The best of the three sets.

5 XL Limestone Roof Jugs Set #1

Navigate those roof or super-steep climbing courses with ease using this set of limestone-designed rock climbing holds.

5 XL Limestone Roof Jugs Set #2

Great for hand-foot matching and using the extra material on the hold as an intermediate hold.

5 XL Sandstone Roof Jugs

The sandstone design continues from the face of the hold through to the back so they feel realistic from all gripping positions.

5 XL Protons

Big fun!
$110.40 $75.00

5 XL Simple Roof Jugs

Ahhhhhhh, comfy jugs.

5 XL Mudplate Jugs

Worth looking further in to what these jugs have to offer.

5 XL Patina Sinker Jugs

Unique pistol grip feel not common in jug design.

5 XL Dripstone Jugs

Easy to grab comfortable jugs.

5 XL Yaniro Jugs

Begin and end your training session on these.

5 Yaniro Rings

1, 2, 3 and finger threaders.

5 XL Fontainebleau Roof Jugs

These holds stand the chance to be our new best selling roof jug set! To date, they are our largest set of roof jugs.

5 XL Divot Roof Jugs

Enough room for both hands on all the holds with ample thumb catches make these beauties an excellent choice for steep terrain.

5 XL Golfus Roof Jugs

Insanely incut jugs.

XL Ring ( 1.5" )

An adult hand easily fits inside this handle bar ring.

5 XXL Scoops ( Hidden Jugs )

Hidden jugs with a sloper friend

3 XXL Double Handers

When its time to go big, grab a set of these.

5 XXL Two-Handed Sandstone Rails

When its time to go big, grab a set of these.

XXL Double Hander ( Simple )

Simple and huge, this comfortable jug is super awesome on every angle including roofs.

Double Hander (Golfus)

Our most incut Double Hander.

Double Hander (Pocket)

Feels like aero bars on a time trial bike.

Double Hander (Sandstone)

Two big mail slots.

Double Hander (Maple)

This climbing hold will make any rock climber look good on the steep section of a climbing course.

Double Hander (Classic)

An excellent choice for all climbing wall angles. Most notably for extremely steep sections.

Double Hander (Font)

This stellar hold offers a flared jug on steep to vertical angles. Because of its flared design, in roof sections it turns into a wicked pinch.

Double Hander (Limestone)

Have a steep wall? Look no further.

Double Hander (Dripstone)

Super comfortable, huge jug.

Double Hander (Scoop)

High profile rock climbing hold for sale
$60.80 $45.60

Double Hander (Patina)

Double incut rock climbing hold

Double Hander (Divot)

Jug meant for two hands

Finish Hold ( Jug )

Take your setting to the next level.

Finish Hold ( 45 degree incut )

Take your setting to the next level.

Finish Hold ( Slopey )

Take your setting to the next level.

XXXL Brain Coral Ledge #1

55 degree incut jug

XXXL Scoop Jug #1 (Dual-Tex)

A huge dual-textured jug

XXXL Scoop Jug #2

XXXL Open-handed Jug

XXXL Divot Jug

Humongous jug.

12 Scoop mini jugs (Screw On)

12 mini jug size holds

12 medium scoop jugs (Screw On)

12 comfy, medium sized scoop jugs.

10 Medium Basic Jug (Screw On)

Super Comfortable Jug Climbing Holds.

10 Large Simple Jugs (Screw On)

Simple is never simple when you buy these climbing wall holds.

Large Ring (Screw On)

This ring is a one handed threader that you can hang from like a monkey.

Screw on XL Ring

Big comfortable jug.

XL Font Hueco (Screw On)

This holds creates really cool hand sequences on all angles.

5 XL Limestone Jug (Screw On)

Classic rock-like shapes for steep terrain.

5 XL Dripstone Jugs (Screw On)

When the terrain gets steep.

5 XL Simple Jugs Set#1 (Screw On)

Look no further for the set of holds that are perfect for your wall.

5 XL Simple Jugs Set#2 Steep Wall (Screw On)

These are a little more incut making them just a little bit easier to hold on to on really steep walls.

XXL Double Hander Jug (Dripstone) ( Screw On )

Enormous rock climbing jug with room for 4 hands