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12 Scoop Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.


12 Round Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.


12 Straight Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.


5 Medium Dripstone Jugs

Contoured and friendly.


5 Large Steep Wall Facet Jugs

Comfortable Faceted Steep Wall Incut Jugs


5 XL Facet Flap Jugs Set #2

Comfortable Flap Incut Jugs


7 Dripstone Mini Jugs

Mini Jugs.


12 Mini Jugs

These beautiful rock climbing holds for sale work on every angle!


12 medium scoop jugs

12 comfy, medium sized scoop jugs.


12 Medium Basic Jugs

Super comfortable jugs in less steep terrain; positive power endurance holds in steep.


12 Medium Hedron Jugs

Surprisingly comfortable!


12 Medium Divot Jugs

Let your fingers do the walking and your thumbs do the talking!

Min: $14.00 Max: $246.00
$14 $246