How to Clean Climbing Holds

How to Clean Climbing Holds

Atomik Climbing Holds recommends EcoChemPro for cleaning your climbing holds and all parts of your sports facilities. This product really can clean everything from your front desk to the bathroom and of course, to climbing holds. The best part of this product is the industrial-strength green cleaning with no residue.

ECO ChemPro is the most advanced green cleaner degreaser on the planet. It contains no butyl compounds, no VOCs, no acids, no alkalis, and cleans like crazy. It is pH neutral and is 100% biodegradable. Specially formulated to clean or degrease any hard surface, including climbing holds, floors, walls, painted surfaces, tools & equipment, parts, concrete, vehicles, metals, plastics, marble, wood, vinyl & brick.

This is an eco-friendly product. Buy here at EcoChemPro.


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How to Clean a Climbing Hold:

1. Get the product on the climbing hold using a spray bottle, trigger sprayer, or soak in a diluted solution. 

2. Let the product work either by soaking the climbing holds in the solution or allowing the foam to sit on the hold. 

3. A light scrubbing with a brush might be something extra you need, though that is rare. 

4. Rinse well. 

5. Allow drying. 

What Not to Clean Your Climbing Holds With:

1. Alkaline products leave a residue, so avoid those. 

2. Acetone melts climbing holds and is a hazardous acid to handle. 

3. Do not use a dishwasher with the Heated Dry function. It is okay to use your dishwasher, though. 

4. Sandblasting removes dirt but also removes texture.