Hold Layout - Expert Consultation (Rate is per panel)



Our Hold Layout Expert Consultation is currently $0 during this development phase. What we do is help build a shopping cart for you in the colors that you want. We help place that order, and then we produce those holds. Before we bag and ship them to you, we will photograph the holds on 4 x 8 sheets of plywood here at our shop.  

The easiest way to get through this is to call us at 801-404-0280. We are here to help. 

The steps below are required from you so that we can help you. 


1. Atomik consults with the customer on the t-nut pattern if using bolt-on holds or identifying screw-on holds are being used. The pattern must match Atomik's 72 or 128 T-nut Patterns unless it's Screw-ons. 

2. If our staff can lay out the proposed wall at our facility (up to 4 panels), we can offer to lay your order on our panels and photograph it. See the thumbnail images for some of the work we have done.

3. This step is CRITICAL! The customer orders, and then Atomik uses that exact order to lay out on our panels. We then photograph the panels, email the pictures, and ship the holds to you. 

3. We ask that the customer agrees to supply us with a quality photograph taken directly from in front of the wall once the wall is done.  We will want to use it as an example for future customers. 

Our expert consultation includes:

  • Photos from us of YOUR purchased Atomik holds in the exact position on a panel layout that matches the 72, 128 T-nut patterns or are using Screw-On holds. 
  • We can answer questions via phone, email, or Facetime/Zoom. 


Requirements for you to get a layout consultation:

  • The first step is to add this product to your cart plus consult with us on placing the order.  
  • Your climbing panels should match the industry standard of 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-panel design of 4 x 8 sheets of 3/4" plywood. Walls that are unique shapes or custom areas are very difficult for us to help layout, though there is a possibility we can still help if we can get acceptable photos. 

We're here to help you get your holds on your wall! Call us at 801-404-0280 or email us at cs@atomikclimbingholds.com, and we'll help you get your wall up and climbing! 

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