HeadRush Black Steel Locking Carabiner

Long lasting steel locking carabiner
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This heavy-duty steel carabiner is designed to be ultra-durable for mounting the TRUBLUE Auto Belay Devices. This carabiner is best paired with your device's respective mounting kit and makes a great replacement carabiner or an auxiliary carabiner to expand the options for your mounting setup.

Note: Printing on the carabiner may differ from photos. 


  • Steel triple locking carabiner for use as a primary or backup connector with the TRUBLUE Auto Belay Devices
  • X-Large Modified D shape to minimize rotation during use. Fits all Head Rush LightSpeed Trolleys as a primary or backup carabiner.
  • Finished steel and nylon bushing in the gate for resistance to corrosion
  • Wide keylock gate opening for easy attachment
  • Meets ANSI, NFPA, CE, and UIAA Standards and is individually tested
  • 50kn Major Axis Strength, twist gate, locking, clear zinc-plated steel, oval “D” carabiner with spring hook.