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Indoor Rated Allen Head Bolts

3/8-16 Indoor Rated Bolts
From $0.39

Outdoor Rated Stainless Steel Allen Head Bolts

3/8-16 Outdoor Rated Stainless Steel Bolts for Sale
From $0.89

T-nut ( 4 Prong )

Hammer in product

T-nut ( 4 Prong ) Case Quantity

Entire Case
$180.00 $162.00

T-nut (Round Base)

screw in brad hole tee nuts

T-nut ( 4 Prong ) (Stainless Steel)

Stainless steel tee nuts for the harshest of outdoor conditions.

T-nut ( European )

European customers only!

3/8-16 Concrete Anchors

3/8 Concrete Anchors.
From $2.39

Bomb Accessories

From $1.99

Concrete Screws ( Tapcon )

For concrete block and brick used with our screw on holds.

3/8-16 Tap

The tool to use when you have a stripped t-nut.
From $19.99


If you are building a large wall, it is recommended that you purchase a T Bar Wrench.
From $1.99

Oval Carabiner

Can't beat the price!

Reposado SuperLock Carabiner Triplelock

Long lasting steel

Steel Oval Carabiner

Long lasting steel

Stainless Steel Bolt Hanger

Attach these into a t-nut in your wall and clip a carabiner or quick link to it. It is not safe to attach static cord or webbing directly to a bolt hanger.


Top Rope "V" Anchor ( Stainless Steel )

The safest outdoor anchor available.

Top Rope "V" Anchor ( Zinc Plated )

The safest indoor top rope anchor available.

Double Ring Anchor

The FIXE Ring Anchor is our most popular Top Anchor unit.
From $14.95

Chain Anchor

The FIXE Ring Anchor is our most popular Top Anchor unit.
From $15.99

Atomik Slider Washer

measures 6" x 1" x 3/8"