Indoor Rated Allen Head Bolts

3/8-16 Indoor Rated Bolts
From $0.39

Outdoor Rated Stainless Steel Allen Head Bolts

3/8-16 Outdoor Rated Stainless Steel Bolts for Sale
From $0.89

T-nut ( 4 Prong )

Hammer in product

T-nut ( 4 Prong ) Case Quantity

Entire Case
$180.00 $162.00

T-nut (Round Base)

screw on brad hole t-nuts

Industrial Round Base T-nut (short barrel)

Short barrel climbing wall t-nuts

Industrial Round Base T-nut (short barrel)(CASE 1000)

A case of 1000 Industrial t-nuts which includes the screws.

T-nut ( 4 Prong ) (Stainless Steel)

Stainless steel tee nuts for the harshest of outdoor conditions.

T-nut ( European )

European customers only!

3/8-16 2-inch Stainless Steel Security bolt

3/8-16 2-inch Stainless Steel Security bolt

3/8-16 Concrete Anchors

3/8 Concrete Anchors.
From $2.39

Security Bit

Security Bit for use with Security Bolts.


Torx head bit for use with Torx head screws.

3/8-16 Tap

The 3/8 tap is the tool to use when you have a stripped t-nut.
From $19.99


If you are building a large wall, it is recommended that you purchase a T Bar Wrench.
From $1.99

Double Action Oval "D" Locking Carabiner

Long lasting steel locking carabiner

Oval Carabiner

Can't beat the price!

Sm'D Screw Lock Carabiner for Petzl Gri Gri

Very versatile, lightweight, compact, D-shaped locking carabiner

Steel Oval Carabiner

Long lasting steel

Stainless Steel Bolt Hanger


Attach these climbing bolt hangers into a t-nut in your wall and clip a carabiner or quick link to it. It is not safe to attach static cord or webbing directly to a bolt hanger.


Top Rope "V" Anchor ( Stainless Steel )

The safest outdoor top rope climbing anchor available.

Top Rope "V" Anchor ( Zinc Plated )

The safest indoor top rope anchor available.

Cable Draws - 16KN - Gray

ClimbTech’s permanent draws – Permadraws – are designed to be long-life rock climbing quickdraws that don’t wear or deteriorate like traditional nylon draws.

Double Ring Anchor

The FIXE Anchor is our most popular Top Anchor unit.

Chain Anchor

The FIXE Ring Anchor is our most popular rock climbing top anchor unit.
From $15.99

Atomik Slider Washer

measures 6" x 1" x 3/8"

#10-24 x 4" Bolt for PBR

This is the bolt for the PBR Industrial Hardware

1/2" x 3-1/4" Heavy Duty Lag Screw Eye Bolt

Industry approved heavy duty closed eye bolt for hanging ninja products

Fender Washer Industrial Hardware PBR

Fender Washer to be used with PBR

Nylock Nut for PBR

Industrial Hardware for PBR