T-nut (4-Prong Zinc) Case Quantity

Entire Case of 1800 t-nuts

$252.00 $226.80

T-nut (Round Base Zinc)

3/8-16 Zinc Round Base T-nuts


T-nut (Round Base Zinc) Case Quantity

2000 piece case with of 3/8-16 Zinc Round Base Three Hole T-nuts

$500.00 $450.00

STAINLESS STEEL T-nut (Round Base)

For highly corrosive environments.


INDUSTRIAL Round Base T-nut (Zinc)

The t-nut to choose for commercial high use, steep walls, and roof sections.


INDUSTRIAL Round Base T-nut (Zinc) Case Quantity

This item will be available on or around August. We are selling our remaining stock as individuals which shows our available quantity. Search "Industrial"

$360.00 $342.00


Our order just shipped via SEA today. 8/25/20 We expect delivery early to mid-October. The Round base version will be in stock this week.


T-nut (METRIC European)

METRIC t-nuts


1" Indoor Allen head Bolt

3/8-16 x 1" Indoor rated allen head bolt