Climbing boards and holds set ups that allow you to hang from them. These products increase your grip strength while taking up very little space in your home, gym, or office. Climbing hangboards are often found hanging over doorways as the clear area allows for a kipping motion when doing pull ups. From tiny crimps to big slopers, here you will find several industry tested hang board sets.

Grip Training Block (Set of 2)

Special introductory price of $39.99 for a limited time.
$67.20 $39.99

Inception - Total Grip Training Device

Portable rock climbing grip training equipment.
$99.99 $49.99

The PULL - Resin Version (boards only)

Portable training device.
$137.72 $79.68

The PULL Pack- Resin Version (boards and holds)

Portable rock climbing pull up bar with 2 crimps and 2 slopers.
$197.00 $65.00

Yaniro Power Hang Board

Smooth textured hang board.
$136.48 $99.99

8 Beginner Hangboard Holds

A great starter kit for the vertically challenged

9 Intermediate Hangboard Holds

Lots of open handed training--perfect for the intermediate climber, needing to build power endurance

12 Advanced Hangboard Holds

Set of 12 advanced level training holds

Dome Hang Board ( 7 Holds )

Slopey, slopey, slopey all the way.

System Hangboard - Beginner ( 19 Holds )

Grip training for the athlete that can do less than 10 pull ups at a time.

System Hangboard - Intermediate ( 21 Holds )

Rock climbing hangboard system provides grip training for the athlete that climbs V5 or can crack out 15 pull ups.

System Hangboard - Advanced ( 23 Holds )

Pinch and Sloper training for the advanced climber that climbs V7+.

12" x 36" Blank Hangboard

All the work is done for you

Ninja Ceiling Panel

Most of the work is done for you with this rock climbing system!