Products tagged with 'golfus hold'


5 XL Double Incut Golfus Roof Jugs

What time is it when you want to ease up steep terrain? It's Golfus Roof Jug time!


5 XL Golfus Jugs

Room for both hands on even the smallest hold in this set.


5 XL Golfus Slopers (Steep Wall)

The divots are there, but they are not really there ;)


Water Clear: 24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

A premium set of climbing holds that are ideal for small walls and play structures.


XXL Golfus Rail (Vertical)

V3 on vertical yes!


XXL Golfus Sloper (Steep Wall Model #1)

V1 on vertical. V6 on a 45.


XXL Golfus Sloper (Steep Wall Model #2)

V3 sloper on 45° walls.


XXL Golfus Sloper (Vertical Wall Model #1)

V2 sloper on vertical walls.


XXXL Golfus Rail (Low Profile Vertical Wall)

Almost 3 feet of candy for your wall.


XXXL Golfus Rail (Steep Wall)

The kind of hold that always ends up on your walls.


XXXL Neutral Golfus Pinch

Welcome to Pinch Town!


XXXL Slopey Wide Golfus Pinch

Big and burly wide pinch.