Products tagged with 'golfus'


10 Medium Golfus BFF

Big footholds that keep on giving!


10 Small Golfus BFF

Bare feet friendly as well as bulbous edges.


12 Medium Golfus Jugs

Cost-effective V2 jugs in steep terrain.


15 Small Steep Wall Golfus Feet

Sweet, sweet, steep wall feet.


15 Small Vertical Wall Golfus Feet

Dimpled vertical wall feet.


2 Bolt Playground Climbing Holds - Golfus - 5 Pack

Playground rock climbing holds that meet ASTM and CSA standards


24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

Ideal for commercial and residential playgrounds and climbing walls.


25 Pack Variety Golfus

Mini Slopers, edges, pinches, pockets, and jugs to fill in the gaps.


3 Pack XXL Golfus Steep Wall Incuts

Mini jugs on most wall angles.


3 XXL Double Hander Golfus Roof Jugs

Big, two-handed jugs that work on every angle of wall including roofs.


5 Golfus Crimp Rails Set #1

Easy V1 on vertical walls.


5 Golfus Crimp Rails Set #2

V3 on vertical walls.