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The subtle dimples have been located in places where you have to use them. Lots more shapes being added to this line 2020 so stay tuned! This will be the largest line Atomik has had in our history. 

15 Small Steep Wall Golfus Feet

Sweet, sweet, steep wall feet.

10 Small Golfus BFF

Bare feet friendly as well as bulbous edges.

10 Medium Golfus BFF

Big footholds that keep on giving!

5 Medium Golfus Edges (Vertical)

For vertical walls, if you climb V3+.

5 Medium Golfus Edges (Steep Wall)

V2 edges on vertical walls. V7 in steep terrain.

5 Large Golfus Pinches Set#2

A nice variety of widths.

5 Large Golfus Rails

A boulder problem in one set!

12 Medium Golfus Jugs

Cost-effective for kids on vertical walls.

12 Large Golfus Jugs

Comfortable jugs on vertical to 45-degree walls.

5 XL Golfus Jugs

Room for both hands on even the smallest hold in this set.

5 XL Golfus Pinches

Can you pinch this?!

5 XXL Plated Golfus Pinches

High profile pinches.

5 XL Golfus Slopers (Vertical)

Spicy on vertical walls.

5 XL Golfus Slopers (Steep Wall)

The divots are there, but they are not really there ;)

XXL Golfus Sloper (Steep Wall)

V1 sloper on vertical walls.

XXL Golfus Sloper (Vertical Wall)

V2+ sloper on vertical walls.

XXL Golfus Rail (Vertical)

V3 on vertical yes!

XXL Golfus Rail (Low Profile)

Cost-effective long rail.

XXXL Golfus Rail (Low Profile)

Almost 3 feet of candy for your wall.

XXXL Golfus Rail (Steep Wall)

The kind of hold that always ends up on your walls.

XXXL Golfus Jug Rail

Lots of varied jugs on this bad boy.

24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

A premium set of climbing holds that are ideal for small walls and play structures.

3 XXL Double Hander Golfus Roof Jugs

Big, two-handed jugs that work on every angle of wall including roofs.

XXXL Neutral Golfus Pinch

Welcome to Pinch Town!

XXXL Slopey Wide Golfus Pinch

Big and burly wide pinch.

XXL Double Incut Double Hander Golfus Roof Jug

When you need a hold to make any angle of wall easy.