DEAL OF THE DAY Glow in the Dark Sun Flower Stepping Stone (One Only)

Light up your pathway! These are Glow in the Dark Yellow. NO color requests, not returnable.
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Note: The thumbnail images show some custom pours we did. The cells have been filled with an additional glow in the dark green and a black light reflective brown. If interested in that upgrade, please call Kenny at 801-404-0280.

What separates Atomik's glow in the dark products from others is that our product is solid glow in the dark material. They are not painted or coated and will be the brightest and longest-lasting glow currently available. We chose to produce these products with the finest standards considering our products are the first to market.

The Glow in the Dark Stepping Stone Sun Flower is a frame you will surround with a paver base or another fine gravel. The gravel is not included. The product is 14-1/2" inches wide and stands 1-1/2" tall when laid on the ground. This height gives the gravel you will use the holding power the stepping stone needs to stay in place.

Installation Tips:

1. Level your pathway.

2. Lay landscaping fabric down.

3. Lay paver base and compact.

4. Orient your stepping stones in your desired pattern. The spacing should be 18" from the center of the Sun Flower to the center of the next for a children-only pathway. 24" to 28" spacing is best for adults.

5. Walk on your stepping stones to test how fluid the pattern feels. It should feel normal to walk along.

6. Fill the stepping stones and surrounding area with fine gravel. Compact again.

The Atomik Brand of glow-in-the-dark landscape rocks adds a striking visual effect to your yard. When exposed to sunlight, a 2-hour exposure will charge the product for 10 to 12 hours. The longer the rocks stay in the sun, the brighter the charge is. Lamplight found indoors will also charge this product.

The glow decreases once the UV light source is removed, so as time and darkness continue, the brightness will diminish. However, Atomik's glow-in-the-dark rocks will provide you with the maximum glow possible as the charging powder is mixed entirely through the product.

This product is made with non-toxic materials.

Atomik manufactures in Provo, Utah, USA.


MODEL: GITD Sun Flower Stepping Stone

SIZE: 14-1/2" diameter x 1-1/2" standing off the ground.

YELLOW COLOR: In daylight is a creamy mango orange.

YELLOW COLOR: In darkness glows pineapple yellow.

BLUE COLOR: In daylight is a creamy white.

BLUE COLOR: In the darkness glows blue.

GREEN COLOR: In daylight is a creamy white with a green/yellow hue.

GREEN COLOR: In the darkness glows green.

ECO FRIENDLY: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

WATERPROOF: This product will repel all sources of water.

UV STABLE: This product will maintain its color properties for years to come.

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