Glow in the Dark River Stones - LARGE

Take your garden to the next level.


The Atomik Brand of glow-in-the-dark landscape rocks adds a striking visual effect to your yard. When exposed to sunlight, a 2-hour exposure will charge the product for 10 to 12 hours. The longer the rocks stay in the sun, the brighter the charge is. Lamplight found indoors will also charge this product.

The glow decreases once the UV light source is removed, so as time and darkness continue, the brightness will diminish. However, Atomik's glow-in-the-dark rocks will provide you with the maximum glow possible as the charging powder is mixed entirely through the product.

This product is made with non-toxic materials.

Atomik manufactures in Provo, Utah, USA.

PHOTOS: The product photo and the disbursement photos are one pound of rocks.


MODEL: Large River Stones

SIZE: On average measures 3-3/4" X 2-7/8" X 1-1/8"

BLUE COLOR: In daylight is a creamy white.

BLUE COLOR: In the darkness glows blue.

GREEN COLOR: In daylight is a creamy white with a green/yellow hue.

GREEN COLOR: In the darkness glows green.

LAYOUT: Please look at the thumbnail images for disbursement examples.

ECO FRIENDLY: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

WATERPROOF: This product will repel all sources of water.

UV STABLE: This product will maintain its color properties for years to come.

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