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Glow In The Dark Gravel, Rocks, Stones, and Beads

There are several glow-in-the-dark landscape and flooring products on the market. Yet, we guarantee the brightest and most extended glow currently available compared to the highest quality resin and pigments from Atomik. 

Atomik's Glow-In-The-Dark Gravel, Rocks, Stones, and Beads are currently not available. We are ramping up our production and expect this product to be available in the late spring of 2021. 

For now, check out our friends at Technoglow who are producing a glass version. 

Bright & Durable Glow in the Dark Rocks & Stones

Techno Glow’s glow-in-the-dark rocks are a durable mixture of glow powder, crushed glass, and superglue that illuminate all night long. Our large and extra-large stones are tumbled and have no sharp edges. The smallest stones are more jagged and can be used as aggregate in addition to more artistic applications. They are incredibly durable and engineered to withstand harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures. Our glow rocks are perfect for all types of applications including, ambient glow driveways, landscaping, flower beds, pots, aquariums/terrariums, and much more. Expose rocks to direct sunlight to activate the glow or illuminate under a black light for an instantaneous charge.