Long pinch.


Big, long, wide, and fun, this font style pinch is fantastic! Very cool to climb onto and past as some intricate climbing positions get offered. Heel hooking, smearing are just a couple of the foothold features you will get with this. Let's not forget the classic pinch or spin it horizontally for a massive ledge. We are confident that every one of these we have made never leaves a climbing wall. It is simply that cool.

This, of course, works for every commercial climbing gym; however, you can also use it on your home wall. It takes up very little space, so it is one of the better choices.

The beginner can use this hold on a vertical wall. However, if they can't grip the hold as a V2 pinch, they will be able to grab it as a V1 rail.

Heading into steeper terrain, you can expect a V3 pinch on a 20-degree overhanging wall and a V6 on a 45-degree wall.

  • SIZE: 24-1/2" long x 3-1/2" wide x 3-3/8" standing off the wall.
  • V1/2 on vertical walls.
  • V6/8 on 45-degree walls.
  • Texture: The texture offers a grip that is skin-friendly and feels like natural rock.