21 Font

Foot or hand Font style rock climbing holds

5 Mini Font Roof Jugs

This size of climbing hold feels really big to a small child's hand and big enough for an adult as a finger bucket.

7 Font Mini Jugs

Super incut for steep wall climbing and as easy kid-friendly climbing holds on vertical walls, this set is an excellent choice when looking for a positive feeling hold.

5 Variety Fontainebleau

As an introduction to font shapes, they are a great beginner to intermediate climber's dream on lower angles.

12 Medium Font Jugs

Mini Jugs for Steep Terrain

5 Large Font Jugs

Clever shaping for interesting climbing.

6 Large Font Jugs

These holds are sure to be chosen first out of the box of holds to set with as they are the epitome of jug design being versatile on all angles.

12 Large Font Jugs

Natural feeling jugs.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #5 ( Slopey )

Feels like V4 on vertical and V9 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #4 ( Neutral )

Feels like V3 on vertical and V8 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #3 ( Positive )

Feels like V2 on vertical and V7 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #2 ( Tapered )

Feels like V1 on vertical and V6 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #1 ( Positive Bow Ties )

Feels like VO on vertical and V5 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Font Slopers Set #2

Now we're climbing!

5 XL Font Slopers Set #1

Have you ever climbed in the forest in Fontainebleau, France?

5 XL Fontainebleau Roof Jugs

Rounded, incut, and super comfy jugs.

Double Hander (Font)

This stellar hold offers a flared jug on steep to vertical angles. Because of its flared design, in roof sections it turns into a wicked pinch.

XXL Circle Font

This hold as is will offer a ton of sloper fun of low angled walls.

XXL Fontainebleau Sloper

This sloper offers countless options of how to hold it by just rotating it slightly.

XXXL Font Pinch

Check out the thumbnail image. You can really see how big this hold is compared the woman climber.

XXXL Fontainebleau Sloper

A Goliath of a hold that offers hours of slopey fun.

XL Font Sloper (Screw On)

A sloper with a twist.