Facets are flat faces on geometric shapes. This organization of naturally occurring facets from this climbing hold design style has lead to unique shapes in both how they look and feel. We've used a different shaping medium and molding technique which has resulted in a very tight cellular structure resulting in an extremely comfortable texture.


8" Geodesic Dome

8" dome full of facets


9" Geodesic Dome

9" dome full of facets


XXXL Facet Jug Rail

Big, open-handed Facet Jug Rail


4XL Facet Rail

Really fun to set easy or hard with this feature!


50 Pack Facets ( Jugs and Feet )

Open-handed jugs.


75 Pack Facets (Feet, Crimps, Pinches, Jugs)

Spice up your vertical wall to V3 with crimps, pinches, and jugs!

Min: $22.00 Max: $959.00
$22 $959