It's Pinchy the Snowman!

Wall Type determines the required bolt length needed to pass through the hold and the climbing wall. If you are not purchasing hardware, this option doesn't matter.



Though Pinchy the Snowman is considered a novelty/fun shape, it is not a beginner's hold. It yields a sold V2/V3 hold on vertical walls. In layman's terms, it is a tough hold to climb on. You can crimp the hat, and there are two 3-1/2" pinches. The lower pinch offers more purchase, whereas the scarf takes some room away on the upper. This is a fantastic hold for the climber with a vertical kids wall that wants a challenging hold for themselves.

  • Measures 5-1/4" wide x 8-3/4" tall x 3" off the wall.
  • V3 on vertical walls.
  • Crimp the hat.
  • Two different pinches on the body.
  • Texture: Atomik 2.0